Miele Professional - Six steps for creating an on-premise laundry
Guests in hotels expect hygienically cleaned and well-kept laundry for maximum comfort
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1. Compare costs

Calculating the costs of bringing laundry in-house versus continuing to outsource it is an important first step. There’s lots to consider including working out how many washing machines and dryers you need, and the average electricity and detergent consumption per wash. In addition, there’s the life time costs to think about - how long the machine will last, the cost of servicing and installation costs etc. Miele Professional and our network of partners has helped many hotel owners work out these costs and demonstrate that bringing laundry in house offers a far more cost-effective proposition.

2. Finding space for an on-premise laundry

Space is at a premium for many hotels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that room can’t be found for a laundry. Taking up a lot less space than you might think, a laundry can fit into all sorts of spaces very flexibly including a cupboard, an underused corner of a kitchen or even an unpopular guest bedroom.

3. Setting quality targets & standards

The cleanliness and freshness of table and bed linen and towels is of upmost importance to hotel guests. It’s therefore vital when bringing laundry in-house to think about how to ensure high standards and how turn around targets for laundry will be applied and met on a daily basis.

4. Staff & training

Moving to an on-premise laundry means a team of staff will be needed to manage the daily laundry needs of the business. Is the domestic staff team big enough to take on this role, or is it time to recruit a new team with experience of managing the laundry process?

5. Sustainability assurance

Making the decision to bring laundry in-house means you can retain control over washing and drying operations and choose equipment that offers low energy consumption and eco-friendly programmes. It can also reduce your carbon footprint, as there is no reliance on transport to collect and deliver laundry.

6. Consult the experts

Thinking about bringing laundry in house but unsure about where to start? Speak to Miele Professional or one of its partners for advice from the outset. They can advise on where best to locate the laundry facility; explain the installation requirements and processes; and also advise on the best appliances to meet the daily washing requirements of a busy hotel.

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