Podcast | How Snapfix makes operations teams more efficient
CEO of Snapfix, Paul McCarthy interviewed for ‘The Entrepreneur Experiment’
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Paul McCarthy, CEO of Snapfix recently sat down with ‘The Entrepreneur Experiment’ podcast to discuss how Snapfix harnesses megatrends to make operations teams more efficient.

Host Gary Fox says, “I speak from personal experience when I tell you property management is tough. Today's guest is solving the complex problems faced by property owners & managers. Paul McCarthy, the founder of Snapfix, joins me in the studio.

“His simple system based on the universal traffic light system aims to make managing your hotel, office or building as simple as using Whatsapp. The award winning software has received funding from prominent US investors and is now poised to break into the lucrative global property market from right here in Dublin.

“Paul's story starts in New York City & around the globe before returning to Ireland to ponder the question – ‘how can we make property smarter?”

Snapfix - The simplest app for managing Hotel operations.

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