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TourDesk are delighted to introduce – and highlight the importance of - our latest marketing feature, pre-arrival emails. Plus, find out how our team at TourDesk can support your hotel or guesthouse in implementing these strategies.

But first, we want to share some great feedback from Paulo, Front of House Manager at the Academy Plaza Hotel in Dublin: “I want to express our gratitude for the positive impact your company has on our front office team as an income supplement. TourDesk also plays a crucial role in ensuring and enhancing our guest experience while visiting Ireland. I particularly want to extend our thanks to your teams in accounts, the contact centre, and the support sales in Ireland, for their outstanding’s truly commendable.”

You can sign-up for a free TourDesk account here.

The Role of Pre-Arrival Emails

Pre-arrival communication plays a crucial role in shaping the guest experience. Well-crafted pre-stay emails set the stage for a positive stay by providing essential information, making guests feel welcome, and influencing their choices regarding activities during their visit. TourDesk understands the power of pre-arrival emails in creating memorable guest experiences.

Many of our Irish partners have already set up pre-arrival emails with great results - including higher guest engagement, longer engagement time and up to 10% conversion rate! By integrating TourDesk into your operations, you can elevate your service offerings, boost guest satisfaction, and foster loyalty.

For more information on how TourDesk can enhance your hotel's guest experience, visit TourDesk's website or contact us today at +353 1 511 9680 or send us an email to

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