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Now offering in-house embroidery services following €70,000 investment into state-of-the-art machinery
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If you’re never thought about using embroidery elements on your hotel linens, now is the time. For many hotel brands, they often leave the art of embroidery to the five-star plus hotel market. Whether that’s a gold threaded logo stitched to a bathrobe pocket or a delicate element added to a cocktail napkin. However, Vision Linens, the textile brand behind the biggest names in hospitality, say you should think again when it comes to embroidery. It can take many forms, it doesn’t have to cost a lot and has many benefits.

Vision Linens, Irish Sales Director, Marc Wynne reveals all…

At Vision, we’re passionate about delivering hotel textile brand standards. In addition to this, we’re also focused on offering added-value to any element of our service to our wide-ranging customer base. This is why, as a business, we have recently invested over €70,000 on in-house state-of-the-art embroidery machinery.

The main objective we looked to achieve with this was to dramatically decrease the lead time customers experience when requiring this service. With our significant investment and new embroidery service set up, Vision is able to quote significantly reduced lead times, compared to what is typically expected in the industry.

Furthermore, by offering an in-house operation, it means that there is no reliance on a third-party embroidery service, which can throw up complications. Linen products that are held in stock in our warehouse can be picked, embroidered and packed, all under one roof. This reduces the risk of items going missing or being delayed when couriered between parties. We are in no doubt that our volume of embroidery orders is set to increase immediately now that we are launching this service to the market.

Personalised embroidery to hotel linen offers an opportunity for your hotel brand to add that extra touch to your guest’s experience, making them believe that every detail of their stay has been given careful consideration and care. By building this perception in your guests’ minds, it is a sure-fire way to build positive associations to your hotel or hotel brand and can ultimately contribute to increasing those return bookings.

What our embroidery service offers

There’s no limit to what linen products Vision’s own embroidery service can be applied to. This can be anything from pillowcases to flat sheets, duvet covers, towels, bathrobes, even down to the noble face cloth. We’ll consider all guest room textiles and whatever location you have in mind, perhaps a pocket or across the back of a bathrobe.

With regards to the embroidery artwork, we can offer embroidery of initials, words, images and logos, all custom designed. Our embroidery disks that we use are hand-digitised rather than auto-digitising. This provides a higher-quality embroidery stitch design whereby the artwork is traced with stitches to turn it into an embroidery design files to run on our embroidery machine. Previously, we have had embroidery orders ranging from 400 stiches on one end of the scale and up to 22,000 stitches at the other end of the scale. It is the number of stitches required for the embroidery design that dictates the price of each embroidered linen piece, as this is directly related to the time it takes to complete each design on the machinery.

For our in-house embroidery service, we use Madeira brand Polyneon high-quality polyester embroidery thread. Madeira’s Polyneon thread is available in three different thicknesses depending on the requirements for your embroidery design. For example, Polyneon 75 is the thinnest of the three thicknesses and is ideal for contrast colours and for producing the finest detailed letters and intricate filigree embroideries. Due to its resistance to chlorine, Polyneon thread is the perfect embroidery thread for items with frequent staining and requiring heavy duty laundering. We can also offer a Pantone colour matching system to Madeira thread colours, for those wanting to tie in their exact brand colours. Another reason we have selected Madeira Polyneon embroidery thread is that it is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, having been tested for harmful substances.

Why should I consider using embroidery?

White bedding is the most popular choice of bedding in the hospitality sector for so many reasons. Crisp white bedding gives guests the reassurance that it is clean and fresh and it’s a timeless colour. By adding embroidery detail to your linens, this is one way to set your hotel apart in the world of hospitality. And if it’s done well, there’s no denying that it adds a sense of opulence.

Not only does embroidery give a better perception than over other types of printing methods, it washes better and is more durable than screen printing. When you launder your embroidered textile, this will not cause the embroidery to wear down or fall off. There are more creative options to hand with embroidery, with hundreds of colours to choose from and colours that won’t fade like they do when printed. Embroidery creates a much more professional setting.

By adding small touches such as embroidery to your hotel linens, this enables you to elevate your brand and bring it front of mind for all your guests and leave a lasting impression.

What do I need to be careful off when it comes to embroidery?

If its your first time looking into adding embroidery details to your hotel linens, we recommend you start with something simple. Like they always say – less is more. Often the subtlest of designs are the most elegant and set the scene well without being overcomplicated.

When it comes to laundering there’s some important points to remember. The first is to never leave damp embroidered items folded or pressed together. Second, do not tumble dry unless the item has been thoroughly rinsed. This way you’ll avoid the embroidery thread colours to bleed.

Why not look into how embroidery can work for you and your hotel?

The world of embroidery, is incredibly accessible to all with a wide range of options to hand. Some of our most prestigious landmark hotel embroidery projects have included Waldorf Astoria Berlin, The Shelbourne Dublin, Monart Destination Hotel Wexford and China Tang at The Dorchester in London. Vision have a vast experience of embroidery projects and now with a large investment in new machinery, have much more creativity available when it comes to embroidery designs.

Get in touch with the team at Vision Linens to discuss what embroidery can do for your hotel linens and the lead times that can be achieved ahead of you next big event.

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