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IT & Telecoms
Avita Communications – Free site survey for IHF Members
Business Phone Systems, Contact Centers, Wired and Wireless Networks
Avita Communications
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Avita Communications are delighted to offer IHF Members a free, no-obligation site survey. Register interest today and we will send one of our qualified engineers to your property to address any questions you may have.

Avita boasts a team of certified engineers who specialise in Business Phone Systems, Contact Centers, as well as Wired and Wireless Networks. With offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast, our engineers are strategically positioned throughout Ireland, ensuring nationwide coverage for installation, service, and support needs.

Contact Avita on 091 – 511 411 or email to arrange your no-obligation site survey.

Our Services

Hybrid Phone Solutions:

Avita Communications presents enterprise-grade IP business phone systems that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technologies, integrating voice, data, conferencing, and Unified Communications services into one unified platform. Built upon Linux and open SIP/VoIP standards, our systems assure future-proof compatibility and flexibility.

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of business-enhancing features, our solutions offer enterprise-level voice, Unified Communications, and mobility services, empowering your business to remain competitive and efficient.

Network Management:

At Avita, whether your preference leans towards a fully wireless network or a hybrid setup merging structured LAN cabling with wireless adaptability, we customize solutions to align with your requirements.

Collaborating with esteemed networking partners such as Alcatel-Lucent, we deliver unified solutions integrating wired and wireless elements, effectively tackling WLAN security, deployment, and capacity challenges encountered by your business, all while remaining cost-effective.

Cloud Solutions:

Opting for traditional phone systems and their upkeep can incur substantial expenses. In contrast, VoIP phone systems provide comparable functionality to conventional setups but at a notably reduced cost.

Embrace the advantages of flexibility, manageability, and simplicity offered by VoIP, customized to align perfectly with your business requirements.

Hi-Speed Business Broadband:

At Avita Communications, we offer connectivity packages tailored to meet the everyday demands of your business. Partnered with leading service providers nationwide, we provide solutions suitable for every business size and budget. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have.

Fibre Broadband

Enhance your business connectivity with a reliable fibre upgrade! Enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 80Mb/s with fibre broadband.

Unlike traditional broadband, which may struggle with simultaneous tasks like downloading large files or streaming content on multiple devices, superfast fibre ensures smooth online engagement for everyone in your business, minus the frustrating delays.

Standard Broadband

If fibre isn't accessible, don't worry! Our cost-effective and dependable broadband deals offer speeds of up to 1GB, providing the next best solution.

Experience the quickest business connection available to us presently, and benefit from a discounted upgrade once fibre broadband becomes accessible in your area.

Try our Standard Broadband today. Avita is also the only certified ALCATEL – LUCENT expert In Ireland, for all network and PBX solutions.

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Contact Avita on 091 – 511 411 or at to arrange your no obligation site survey.

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