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BC SoftWear leads the way in promoting inclusivity with its plus-sized robes
Ensure your guests’ comfort by providing a range of appropriately sized robes
BC Softwear
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BC SoftWear, which has been supplying luxury robes to spas for 21 years, is highlighting the vital role spas can play in supporting inclusivity and is encouraging hotels to offer more appropriately sized robes for plus-sized guests as standard.

BC SoftWear has already seen a surge in demand for its 2XL bathrobes, a clear indication of the rising need for plus-size apparel in the spa and wellness industry. Notably, sales figures more than doubled from 2019 to 2024 for these larger-sized robes. Demand for 3XL and 4XL bathrobes has also surged by more than 200%, with BC SoftWear being one of the only companies to cater to this market.

Barbara Cooke, BC SoftWear’s founder and CEO, explains: “Whether these robes are needed for plus-sized guests, pregnant women, male visitors or guests who want to size up for extra comfort, it’s clear that by not providing an array of robe sizes we’re alienating groups of people from our spas and not behaving inclusively. If spas don’t offer large enough robes, this can be a deterrent for guests who already feel unsure about visiting. There are still too many spa operators who don’t consider this at all when looking at their operational budgets, meaning they’re excluding a significant segment of a market.”

Amy Bates, founder of The Beauty Rebellion, which promotes inclusivity, diversity and body positivity, says: “I applaud BC SoftWear for urging spas to expand their range of robes and for its dedication to being a size inclusive company. This commitment to embracing diversity will only be effective if spa leaders make the decision to offer wider size ranges and also train staff to understand how to sensitively assess the correct size for each individual.

“As an industry, it's vital the spa sector recognises the impact its services can have on body image – we’re inadvertently perpetuating negative stereotypes if we fail to cater to diverse body types. Robes may seem like minor details, but they represent a significant barrier to inclusion and comfort for many.”

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