D-EDGE | Direct bookings: Have they reached their peak?
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D-EDGE’s eagerly anticipated Annual Hotel Distribution Report is out now! The five years of digital booking data (2019-2023) reveal that digital channels now drive a whopping 60% of global hotel revenue. With insights from nearly 5,000 independent hotels across Europe and Asia, this report is your key to benchmarking performance and gaining crucial distribution insights.

What awaits you in this edition of D-EDGE’s Hotel Distribution Report:

  • Direct bookings: Discover if there's still untapped potential for growth and innovation.
  • Revenue Insights: Get the scoop on the latest revenue trends, from post-pandemic recovery to achieving unprecedented digital revenue highs.
  • Distribution Mix: Uncover the impacts of direct and indirect bookings, shaping the global distribution landscape for hotels.
  • Booking Behaviour: Gain valuable insights into evolving traveler booking behaviours, including lead time, cancellation rates, and channel preferences.

Interested in discovering more? CLICK HERE to get your hands on D-EDGE’s free report, which showcases trends and strategies that will take your hotel revenue management to new heights!

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