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Leave your guests fully recharged after their stay and turn EV Charging into a valuable revenue stream
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Limited Time Special Offer for IHF Members - 22kW Dual Socket Pedestal Charger Only €3,895 (excl. VAT)*

World Class Guest Experience: We are fanatical about providing the best possible EV Charging experience for your guests because we know that a positive charging experience will reflect well on your hotel property.

You can’t beat Experience: ePower have been supplying EV Charging services to some of Irelands largest and best known hotel properties for over 5 years. Our installers, Helpdesk team and on-site maintenance technicians are the ones who have this experience and are there for you.

One Number to Call: ePower is one of Irelands largest dedicated EV Charging companies. We offer you a full turnkey service from installation to ongoing management and maintenance so you can’t get on with running your hotel and let us look after your EV Charging service for you.

Widest Range of Chargers: Whether it’s a 7.4kW or 22kW AC charger for overnight guests, a 50kW charger for day time trade or a 180kW Ultra Fast charger, ePower will help you choose what’s most suitable for your business.

The most Professional Installation: No fuss, we get the job done neatly, professionally and on time.

Turn EV Charging into a valuable Revenue Stream: Your guests can pay for charging via the easy to use ePower app or contactless payment. We handle everything for you and simply remit the revenue after any applicable transactions fees to your bank account.

24/7 Customer Support: Irelands highest ranked EV Charger Provider on Google, our promise is to look after your guests no matter what time of the day and ensure that they have a positive customer experience.

Ongoing Remote and On-Site Maintenance: We monitor your chargers 24/7, we can remotely dial in and resolve faults and where we can’t we have a team of on-site technicians that will come to your property to get things back up and running again as swiftly as possible.

Comprehensive Reporting: Whether its tracking the revenue you are generating, keeping an eye on energy usage or preparing a year end Sustainability report, its all available to you via the ePower backend online portal.

FREE Site Survey Service

We would be delighted to visit your hotel, discuss what you are looking for and make some recommendations. Also make sure to talk to us about our Fully Funded options where ePower will supply and install EV chargers at zero cost to you under a revenue share partnership agreement.

*Hospitality Special Offer - 22kW Dual Socket Pedestal Charger. Charge 2 EV's at the same time. Pricing based upon standard installation, connection to power supply within 5m of the charger via either ducting in soft ground or surface mount and clipped cabling. Energy load management where required available. Full management and maintenance plus revenue collection, reporting and reimbursement service provided to you by ePower. Limited time offer. This Special Offer expires on the 31st Aug 2024.

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