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Future Proof Training is excited to announce their enhanced and comprehensive Bar Skills Training course, designed specifically to suit the hospitality industry. This program aims to elevate the standard of bar service, ensuring that hotel staff are not only friendly and competent but also highly skilled and attentive in what they do.

The training encompasses critical areas such as policies & procedures, allergens & ingredients, and hand & personal hygiene, ensuring adherence to industry standards and safety protocols. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the program includes practical skills like drink table service, ideal for enhancing wine service during dinners and events. Subsequently, the bar training course prepares staff for special occasions such as weddings and large gatherings. Mastering beverage service is essential for any and all occasions taking place in hotels, and the training covers practical fundamentals such as:

  1. How to pour the perfect pint
  2. Changing a keg and managing the fob
  3. Learning how to do shorts, mixers preparation, and cocktails
  4. Learning how to use multiple dispense units and much more

This course also addresses modern transactional needs with training on cash/cashless systems and tap/cash operations, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions. The training is conducted over a full day duration – simply pick the date that suits your team best to attend and the Future Proof Training team will do the rest.

In addition to bar skills training, they also offer comprehensive manual handling and HACCP training. These courses are designed to ensure that hotel staff are well-versed in essential safety protocols and food handling practices. By equipping your team with these skills, hotels can significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries and ensure compliance with food safety regulations, ultimately leading to a safer and more efficient working environment.

Commenting on the announcement, Sharon Kavanagh, Future Proof Training Manager said, "These courses are fantastic for anyone in the hospitality industry. It makes life so much easier for hotel management by providing thorough and practical training for their staff. It’s also a great step towards enhancing the overall guest experience and maintaining high standards in service at all times."

Get in touch with Sharon Kavanagh to enquire about training on 087 438 1084 or email Sharon at! Spots fill up quickly, so act fast to secure your booking.

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