Elevating Hospitality with Guestline at The Heights Hotel
A strategic partnership for enhanced efficiency and an elevated guest experience
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Andrew O'Connor, Account Manager at Guestline, unravels the reasons behind The Heights Hotel's choice of Guestline and the anticipated benefits they aim to achieve. Nestled amidst the landscapes of Kerry, The Heights Hotel, with its unique ambiance and panoramic views of the Flesk Valley, Torc, and Mangerton mountains, sets the stage for a hospitality experience unlike any other.

Here Guestline explores the synergies between its cutting-edge technology and the aspirations of The Heights Hotel for enhanced efficiency and an elevated guest experience.

How does Guestline's technology fit with The Heights' objectives?

They expressed a desire for a more consistent and reliable service, a goal that perfectly aligns with what Guestline strives to provide. Our technology is designed to provide stability and reliability in the services we offer. The Heights explained that “constant engagement on the best way to use the product was key for us, and how to maximise the capacities of the system on an ongoing basis.”

The Heights also stressed the importance of having a supplier that truly cares about their needs. And at Guestline, we pride ourselves on the fact that customer satisfaction is the number one priority and that our clients feel genuinely cared for. Our commitment to attentive service and robust technology aims to create a partnership that goes beyond the transactional and fosters a genuine sense of support.

Could you outline the unique advantages that The Heights Hotels expects to gain over its competitors by adopting Guestline's technology?

The decision to move to Guestline was driven by frustrations with their previous processes. Guestline will provide The Heights with a comprehensive suite of solutions. These include a PMS, GuestStay, Point of Sale (POS), GuestPay, a gift voucher solution, an advanced conferencing and banqueting solution tailored for events such as weddings, and a Channel Manager, all wrapped up in The Guestline Platform.

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of all aspects of their business, enabling them to manage the processes from the initial enquiry through to the event in a seamless way.

For example, with weddings, the integrated PMS keeps everything in one place, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow. This integrated approach will not only remove the frustrations they have been experiencing but it will also position The Heights Hotel competitively by providing a comprehensive and efficient solution.

Were there any standout features of Guestline's technology that particularly impressed The Heights Hotel during the evaluation process?

Absolutely! Guestline's technology had some standout features that resonated well with the hotel. First, GuestStay demonstrated its effectiveness by breaking through the OTAs and successfully capturing guests' personal email addresses. This not only strengthens the hotel's direct communication with guests, but also aids in the building of a more personal relationship.

In addition, the 'Pay by Link' feature has proven to be a invaluable tool. This functionality allows The Heights Hotel to effortlessly collect payments, including deposits, whether it's for hotel stays, reservations, room bookings or events like conferences and weddings. This simplified payment process increases convenience for both the hotel and the guest.

Also, consolidating various technologies under the Guestline umbrella, including Channel Manager, POS, voucher solution and more, provides The Heights with a comprehensive and integrated solution. This consolidation of both the supplier and the technology was a key factor that stood out during the evaluation process.

In terms of customisation, how adaptable is Guestline's technology to the unique needs of Killarney Heights?

Guestline takes a bespoke approach rather than an out-of-the-box solution. Throughout the introduction process, we discuss & recommend solutions that are specific to the client. This will be established through various meetings and a thorough understanding of the client's needs.

In terms of the PMS, it offers a high level of customisation. The Heights Hotel has the flexibility to configure the layout, look and feel and use templates and automation.

This level of customisation extends to a variety of functionalities that improve the efficiency of reservations, bookings, conferences and much more. In essence, the technology enables them to tailor the system to its unique needs and operational requirements.

How does Guestline enhance the overall guest experience?

As mentioned, our GuestStay programme is a significant enhancement that is tailored to our clients' specific needs. As an example, during the wedding season, when the reception area tends to be very busy, GuestStay allows their guests to register in advance. This proactive approach significantly reduces the workload on reception, resulting in a more efficient check-in process.

The 'Pay by Link' feature, part of Guestline's GuestPay offering, plays a vital role in increasing efficiency at weddings. It facilitates quick and convenient payments, allowing guests to receive a payment link on the day of departure and settle their bills independently.

Can you highlight any specific efficiencies or cost savings that The Heights Hotel expects to achieve through Guestline's technology?

Guestline is expected to deliver significant efficiency gains and a reduction in queuing times, particularly around critical events such as weddings and banquets. This system aims to streamline the check-in and check-out processes during these peak times.

Efficiencies are also expected in the management of tour groups, a prominent feature of The Heights' operations during peak seasons. The system introduces a more efficient way of handling tour groups, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The integration of a pick list along with guest names received from tour operators can now be seamlessly and automatically entered into the system.

The overall aim of the system is to increase efficiency throughout the hotel's operations. And by allowing the software to handle complex tasks, it frees up valuable staff time.

Are there any plans for ongoing training or support to ensure the seamless integration and use of Guestline technology at The Heights Hotel?

Absolutely. Now the implementation is complete, The Heights Hotel will enter a period during which, they'll have direct access to a member of our project management team for any specific questions or issues. This will ensure a smooth transition and address any immediate queries.

After the implementation, hotels are transferred to our customer support team, most of whom are former hoteliers. This team's industry expertise allows them to provide comprehensive answers and support for any challenges that may arise.

We also provide a content library of resources, webinars and other materials to keep hotel teams updated on new releases and features. This ensures that there is always content available, which is beneficial not only for existing employees but also for the onboarding of new team members.

We are also committed to continually improving automation. For example, recognising the importance of weddings to The Heights Hotel, we want to focus on solutions that further improve their efficiency, possibly exploring the implementation of kiosks to further streamline wedding processes.

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