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AI Solutions
HiJiffy - How is AI helping hotels automate repetitive tasks?
Enhancing productivity without compromising excellent customer service
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What if repetitive administrative tasks and common requests could be automated with AI, freeing hotel staff to enhance the guest experience? AI-powered technology benefits the entire industry, from receptionists to managers.

Specialised solutions, like the one developed by HiJiffy, are becoming the new standard in guest communications. Established brands like Macdonald Hotels and Resorts, Lake District Hotels, and Point A Hotels already use HiJiffy’s technology to boost revenue and operational efficiency, reporting results like a "60% monthly ROI," "70% reduction in incoming calls," and "50% increase in online check-ins."

Automating 9 out of 10 guest queries

HiJiffy’s AI handles customer service, freeing staff from monotonous tasks. With an automation rate of over 85%, most customer questions are answered instantly. This eliminates wait times and allows more queries to be processed, reducing strain on staff.

Messages are automatically translated into over 130 languages to enhance efficiency and connect to popular communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and WhatsApp. All conversations are streamlined into one unified inbox.

Time spent managing bookings and answering FAQs across platforms can be redirected to areas where human interaction adds the most value. Reducing repetitive tasks also improves job satisfaction and staff retention.

Avoiding queues at the front desk

Many guests already use AI in everyday life, from mobile apps to smart home devices. During their stay, they will likely use HiJiffy’s virtual concierge to report issues, make maintenance requests, or respond to feedback prompts.

Thanks to PMS and booking engine integrations, the AI chatbot provides the requested information, processes additional service orders, and alerts relevant staff to act on critical matters. With user satisfaction over 80%, AI implementation is appreciated by guests, who get their requests solved without waiting in queues.

Effective upselling campaigns through WhatsApp

Hoteliers can deliver efficient marketing campaigns with limited resources. Chatbot conversations adapt dynamically based on AI-powered lead qualification, offering valuable sales opportunities throughout the guest journey - from lead generation to direct bookings and upselling during the stay.

With over 80% open rates in WhatsApp marketing campaigns, hotel brands using HiJiffy report increased revenue from services like spa reservations, restaurant bookings, and airport transfers.

Have the AI work for you already this peak season

Implementing HiJiffy’s AI solutions is straightforward. With dedicated support from HiJiffy's Customer Success team, setup can take just a few days. Chatbots are user-friendly for staff and guests, who do not need to install new apps.

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of HiJiffy’s conversational AI still this summer.

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