Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness
McSport supplies and installs boutique gym at NYX Portobello
From treadmills, rowers and bikes, to dumbbells, barbells and racks
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NYX Hotels can be found in cities across the world - from Milan, Madrid and London to their new property in Dublin City. Sitting over the Grand Canal and new plaza at Portobello, it holds a wide array of facilities including its wonderful restaurant, bar, spa and - with the help of McSport - a state-of-the-art gym too.

McSport installed a full range of premium gym equipment from brands including Precor, Wattbike and Concept2 at NYX. From treadmills, rowers and bikes, to dumbbells, barbells and racks, covering any workout variation that guests at NYX may require. However, McSport don't just supply the gym equipment, we also install it with style. Our installation team is second to none at ensuring the customer's vision comes to life. The flooring and NYX’s unique motivational lighting make this a vibrant and cutting-edge space, just like the hotel itself.

It is paramount to us at McSport that our gyms are resilient and suitable for their environment and we can safely say that we have met that goal on this project. NYX Portobello is a great addition to Dublin City and we at McSport are glad and proud to have helped in its creation.

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