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Net Affinity Case Study | An 88% increase in Direct Bookings at The K Club
Innovative strategies to further elevate the guest experience and drive sustainable growth
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The K Club is a luxury hotel set in the captivating Irish landscape, offering a 5-star guest experience. In recent years, the hotel has come under new management and been given a refreshing new rebrand — the first in its 30-year history — renewing its commitment to excellence.

With its transformation appealing to new audiences, The K Club decided that a huge part of its progression needed to be its online presence.

Bringing in the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Net Affinity, The K Club has seen exponential results (including an 88% increase in direct bookings), and is looking forward to a fruitful future with this successful partnership.

The K Club and Net Affinity

In late 2022, The K Club decided it needed to enhance its online presence and drive growth. Their existing methods felt disjointed across different companies, and the website was not working for the company.

So, in November 2022, they aligned with Net Affinity, embarking on a journey of digital transformation.

Implementing a new booking engine, marketing, and website design services, The K Club was able to form a cohesive digital strategy, aligning with their vision of elevating the guest experience and expanding their market reach.

Orla Canavan, Marketing Manager at The K Club, said: Net Affinity built a bespoke site for us to enable us to deliver what we need. The process was good, the team was very helpful and responsive.

We have monthly calls to help keep everything on track, as well as on-site meetings, but the support team comes back very quickly on smaller issues, too. We get on with the team so well and feel that they do genuinely care!”

So, what has The K Club found to be the key benefits of using Net Affinity?

Strategic Audience Targeting

Net Affinity's expertise in audience segmentation allowed The K Club to tailor their marketing efforts effectively, resulting in remarkable success in both domestic and overseas markets.

Comprehensive Support

From the initial onboarding process to ongoing support, The K Club experienced unparalleled customer service from the Net Affinity team. Their responsiveness and dedication ensured a smooth transition and continuous optimisation of digital assets.

Innovative Campaigns

Net Affinity's innovative approach to marketing campaigns enabled The K Club to stay ahead of the curve, driving both engagement and revenue growth.

Digital Dominance

Embracing digital marketing as a primary focus, The K Club witnessed a shift in their marketing strategy, with Net Affinity playing a pivotal role in shaping their online presence. Traditional advertising gave way to targeted digital campaigns, driving substantial returns on investment.

Future Growth

As The K Club continues its journey, the partnership with Net Affinity remains integral to their long-term success. Together, they’re working on innovative strategies to further elevate the guest experience and drive sustainable growth.

When asked to describe Net Affinity, Orla said: “Determination and drive. They’re determined to show what they can do, and they want to continue to drive growth for us.”

Notable Increases in Revenue and Growth

The collaboration between The K Club and Net Affinity exemplifies the transformative power of strategic digital marketing in the luxury hospitality sector.

By leveraging Net Affinity's expertise, The K Club has not only strengthened its online presence but also unlocked new opportunities for growth and innovation.

For example, bookings made on the brand website have increased by an incredible 88%, while room nights booked have increased by 78%.

Revenue booked on the brand website is up by 42%, and stayed revenue from the brand website increased by 5%.

These figures show that the new website, booking engine, and online strategy is working overtime for The K Club — and shows no sign of slowing down!

The Future of The K Club

Orla said that they have very little traditional advertising now, and the majority is the digital strategy they have with Net Affinity.

She said: “We’re working on future activity with Net Affinity, and very much see it that they can help us get there. To other hotels considering a digital shake-up, we’d 100% recommend Net Affinity’s services!”

If you’d like to know more about how Net Affinity can help you, please contact a member of the team or book a demo.

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