Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Booking Engine & Channel Manager
Net Affinity | Guide to maximising revenue through the customer booking journey
Create a guest-centric journey that generates you more revenue
Net Affinity
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Our latest Net Affinity guide looks at how hoteliers can go about maximising revenues throughout the customer booking journey. Through persuasive messaging, intelligent upsells and upgrades, urgency messages and many more subtle steers – hoteliers can create a guest-centric journey that generates you more revenue.

In this guide, you'll find:

For hotels to operate successfully, it’s all about the revenue. After all, no matter how good your guest experience is or how impressive the décor, revenue is what sustains a hotel. Put simply, without strong revenue streams, the rest will fall apart.

Guide Highlights:

  • Persuasive messaging and paradox of choice
  • Spot and increase revenue opportunities
  • Master the art of demand and no availability management
  • Customise and personalise the booking process for maximum impact
  • Reap the revenue rewards of ancillary products

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