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The advantages and key features of an on-premises laundry room
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Before you invest in laundry equipment for your hotel, you first need to understand what benefits you’ll experience from having an on-premises laundry room. Well, generally speaking, doing your laundry in-house means:

  • You’ll need less stock than if you contracted your laundry externally
  • You’ll gain the ability to handle the personal clothing of guests in-house
  • This can also become an additional source of revenue
  • You’ll have direct control over your costs and the quality of laundry
  • You can minimise linen damage through the management of wash chemicals and detergents
  • You can control the process from start to finish
  • This means you can quickly react to any changes in requirements or demand shifts

In short, keeping your hotel’s laundry services in-house means you can take full control over what, how and when you wash. By keeping control of your laundry rather than outsourcing it, you’ll never have to worry about letting people down.

Key Features

To run a professional laundry service in your hotel, you must have the right commercial laundry equipment in place. This means that your washers and dryers must be built for business use and must be suitable for the unique demands of hotel laundry.

The best commercial washing machines for hotels will perform cycle after cycle without compromising on quality (many of our washers and dryers are built to last for more than 37,000 wash cycles). This is invaluable if your hotel washes bedding and towels on a daily basis.

Commercial washing machines for hotels are larger in capacity than domestic machines and they allow you to do bigger loads, less often. This means that not only will you spend less time on laundry, but you’ll also spend less money on your energy bills.

Although purchasing specialist washers and commercial dryers for hotels may seem expensive, machines like ours are available with all-inclusive supply and service packages. Our packages even include emergency breakdown cover, so you’ll never be without towels or sheets.

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