SALTO Systems | Have Your Old Bedroom Key Card Locks Finally Checked Out
Provide your guests with the ease of keyless entry and mobile access
SALTO Systems
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Upgrade your hotel's outdated key card locks to Salto Systems' innovative digital technology, setting a new standard for guest experience. With Salto's state-of-the-art system, you can provide your guests with the ease of keyless entry and mobile access, transforming their stay and streamlining your operations. The cutting-edge encryption and Mobile Key capabilities guarantee unparalleled security, fostering confidence among guests and staff alike. Embrace Salto Systems to elevate guest satisfaction to unprecedented levels.

Upgrade your “END of LIFE” system with ease by contacting us today for a free quotation. Our experienced team will assess your current setup and provide you with tailored options for seamless and efficient upgrades. All systems upgradeable.

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Kieran Gorey

087 909 2109 / 091 743 100
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