Woodco assist Fitzgeralds Woodlands on their sustainability journey!
This solar project will save the hotel approximately €74,907 of electricity per annum
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Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel & Spa is located outside Adare and is situated in 44 acres of organic private grounds and landscaped gardens. The Fitzgerald Family has been creating unique, magical weddings since 1983 in this unique location.

Seeking to be more sustainable and reduce ever-rising energy costs, The Woodlands Hotel contracted Solarco/ Woodco to supervise and install Solar PV Systems for the hotel.

Ger Kennedy and Sean Ryan of Woodco reviewed the project and ascertained the perfect solar system size would be 230kWp. (kWp is the peak power of a PV system or panel. Solar panel systems are given a rating in kilowatts peak (kWp) which is the rate at which they generate energy at peak performance, such as on a sunny day in the afternoon). The project was divided into two parts, commencing with ground mounted panels.

Phase one – Energy and Shelter 90kWp

Phase one, consisted of the placement of 180 ground mounted panels to the side of the hotel. Perfectly situated to capture direct south facing light to give maximum energy generation. The panels provided an added benefit – providing shelter and grazing for the animals from the hotels pet farm. This phase was completed in 2022 and generates 90kWp.

Phase 2 and project completion - 140kWp Roof Mounted Solar PV at Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel & Spa

Following on from the success of phase one of this Solar PV project, phase two was completed in 2023. The flat roof on the hotel was identified as the perfect location for 280 panels, bringing the system size up to 230kWp. The finished project giving the hotel enough free electricity to make the desired savings per annum.

At current unit cost of electricity (€0.3567 as of 02/05/2024.) this Solar PV system results in a huge saving of €74,907 of electricity per annum.

Solar Panels were erected on the flat roof at the hotel.

Right now, there are specific grants available from the SEAI for businesses in Ireland to get Solar PV and Biomass. This grant is called the Non-Domestic Microgen grant and Woodco/Solarco are on the approved list of installers. Woodco/Solarco assist our clients with the full grant application process and ensure all the paperwork is submitted. This grant is typically 40% of the cost of the installation.

This project was completed in 2023 and Woodco are now continuing to work with the Woodlands Hotel in decarbonising their energy by installing a biomass boiler for their heating!

At current unit cost of electricity (€0.3567) the Solar PV system results in a huge saving of €74,907 of electricity per annum.

About Woodco & Solarco

Woodco are an Irish business operating out of Tipperary since 1970. Noted as experts in the biomass and renewable energy sector, Woodco design complete renewable solutions, delivered with professionalism and emphasis on health and safety throughout each project.

Solarco are now exclusive Commercial installers of Solar PV throughout the island of Ireland. We have a number of large-scale projects currently in progress.

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