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Business Insights
Agility Hospitality - Labour Utilisation Analysis
Analysing your data and aligning the workforce with the workload
Tom Mc Dermott, Agility Hospitality
IHF Associate Member

This analysis seeks to understand the historical correlation between labour usage and volume which can expose areas of opportunity where a more structured approach to labour management could have delivered a better result.

Our approach is to use your best available data to provide an opinion on your labour models flexibility in each department by month and by day of the week.

We will help you establish baseline productivity metrics that can be used to help HOD’s schedule their labour more effectively and to track productivity variances on an ongoing basis.

What can I use the data for?

  • Analyse the monthly productivity performance to identify trends and improvements for forecast.
  • Visualise the day of the week productivity performance and calculate the impact of variances in hours and payroll cost.
  • Assess the labour model to determine if contract mix, holiday burn rates are managed effectively.
  • Determine which departments have the greatest opportunities for further analysis including observation based studies.
  • Benchmark the productivity data across a hotel group, set targets and share best practices.
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