Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Booking Engine & Channel Manager
Bookassist | Improve your daily revenue management with Bookassist Intelligence
A powerful business intelligence platform that aims to improve your hotel's performance
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Bookassist Intelligence is a powerful business intelligence platform that aims to improve your hotel's performance by empowering your management team with a whole new level of data agility, allowing them to purposefully interpret the huge amounts of data that your hotel generates on a daily, weekly and annual basis.

Light years ahead of traditional reporting

Fully scalable and future-proofed to the needs of your hotel, this powerful business intelligence platform blows the top off traditional static reporting by providing additional analytical and strategic perspectives as well as actionable insights from your existing datasets and reports.

Bookassist Intelligence empowers your business in a completely different way than anything before, enabling you to address broader business analysis requirements and assisting with future strategy planning. It helps you to understand the information behind the reports so that you can identify why something has happened and help suggest how you can improve future performance.

You can combine, analyse and cross reference these datasets and dynamically drill down into multiple datasets to uncover meaningful and actionable insights - something that is just not possible with standard reporting.

Data insights and alerts can be manipulated to allow you to explore data relationships, address underlying issues, and identify opportunities - all with the aim of improving your hotel's performance.

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