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Digibreaks’ Early Table Moves into Hotel Dining Space
With 20,000 subscribers and close to 150 restaurants already on board
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Early Table is an Irish, members only booking platform that is taking Ireland by storm. As described in The Irish Times article by Marie Claire Digby, Early Table is a user-friendly platform that provides access to a plethora of dining options across the country. Early Table allows diners to find restaurants all over the country, and with 20,000 subscribers and close to 150 restaurants already on board, Early Table is well-poised to expand its reach and impact.

Addressing the Challenge of Rising Costs

We understand the challenges faced by restaurants in attracting customers, especially in a climate of escalating costs. Early Table is here to address this problem by helping hotel restaurants optimize their occupancy during otherwise quiet periods. Through Early Table, restaurant owners can take control of their offerings by strategically adjusting discounts based on demand. These exclusive discounts are accessible only to our 20,000+ members.

This strategic approach has already proven to be an effective marketing tool, as described by Shane Mitchell, the director of Ellerman Hospitality, overseeing Asador and Lennan's Yard. “It not only showcases new menus but also spreads the word about extended opening hours, a vital factor in today's competitive dining industry”. Venues like Asador, Paulie's Pizza and 84 other Dublin venues have already signed up and are seeing the benefits. That said there are restaurants in various locations across Ireland, including Cork, Galway, Limerick that are also seeing the benefits firsthand.

Early Table is now taking its first steps into the hotel restaurant dining space, it invites hotels and their esteemed restaurants to join this exciting journey. By partnering with Early Table, hotel dining establishments can offer guests an unparalleled dining experience while enhancing their visibility and success in the competitive culinary landscape.

Benefits of Partnering with Early Table for Hotel Restaurants

  • Zero Cost: Signing up with Early Table is entirely free, with no hidden expenses.
  • Full Control: Restaurants retain complete control over their offers.
  • Effortless Setup: Setting up your restaurant with Early Table takes less than two minutes.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain access to a members-only platform with over 20,000 members spanning the entire country.
  • Free Promotion: We actively market your restaurant to our 20,000 members, offering you free promotion.
  • Employee Perks: Enjoy the added benefit of offering free access to your staff at other partner restaurants.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your hotel restaurant's visibility and success in today's competitive culinary landscape. Sign up today by clicking here or alternatively, get in touch directly by emailing Mason McGovern.

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Mason McGovern, Early Table Restaurant Project Manager
085 730 6327

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