Cost Savings

Cost Savings
SMRI – Could you save money on your IMRO, PPI, Sky or MPLC charges?
Ensuring all appropriate credits/refunds are applied to your account
Sean Stokes, Sports & Media Rights International
IHF Associate Member

In the current financial climate, there is a keen focus on where savings can be achieved. For many hotels, the IMRO, PPI & Sky charges can be significant, and, in some cases, MPLC charges are also a concern. 

In virtually all of the hotels we have reviewed since premises fully reopened in early 2022, we have been able to secure further credits.

IMRO Credits

Many of IMRO’s charging parameters were affected by social distancing, reduced turnover and capacity, amongst other things. However, unless IMRO are advised of these changes these types of credits cannot be applied to your account.

We will also ensure that the charges going forward are appropriate as many premises have not returned to the same level of music as pre covid.

Sky Pub Contracts

As Sky are still applying the 2019 excise duty on pub licenses to establish their tariff rate it would be very important for hotels that are on a Sky pub contract to review these charges and to see if there is a cheaper contract available to them for the same services.

Our fee is based on a percentage of savings achieved in the first year only, so if we don’t secure further savings or credits no fee applies.

Motion Picture Licensing Company MPLC

Whilst MPLC do hold certain rights, hotels need to be sure if they are in fact liable to an MPLC license, we can help establish if you have any liabilities in this regard.

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