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Hospitality Products
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The top emerging hospitality trends and new Alliance Ireland products for 2024
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With the hospitality industry getting ready for 2024 we at Alliance Ireland have taken the opportunity to research the top emerging trends set to take hold this year. We have identified four trends so far which are beginning to permeate the current hospitality scenery and have created our Trends Guide to help your business achieve them.

Mediterranean Romantic

To make this trend work you need to embrace bright, light spaces and pair them with natural tones and textures such as wooden furniture and areas of bare, undecorated walls. When trying to achieve an “Old World” Mediterranean charm we’d suggest looking to employ neutral crockery and glassware to help allow your establishment to be the main focus.

Invitingly Glamourous

For this theme the key is employing a refined colour palette but doing so in a sensible and stylish capacity. The idea is for dining spaces to not appear overwhelmingly expensive whilst still maintaining an inviting and glamourous aesthetic.

Organic Brutalism

Organic brutalism is a theme which is becoming popular in developed urban areas and requires the restaurant / hotel to fully embrace the notion of opposites attract. The best way to visually capture this theme is by twinning the brutally linear nature of city architecture with the softness of organic elements.

Nuovo Caffè

The term “Let’s grab a drink” is slowly shifting from referring to have an alcoholic beverage and becoming more synonymous with having a coffee. If you serve coffee and want to attract the discerning coffee drinker, then give your social areas are more relaxed and contemporary.

At Alliance Ireland we are always up to date with the latest hospitality trends and products so call our depot or your local rep to see how we can help you with all your needs.

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