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An alliance offering frictionless service experiences and preparing for future technological advancements
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In 2023, Arribatec Hospitality formed a partnership with Planet, and this March, we met with Aleksander Leicht, SVP of Partnership Enablement in Planet, in London, giving us an opportunity to dig deeper into the benefits and value they offer our clients. Here are the key takeaways:

An unparalleled blend of integrated software, tech and payment solutions for hospitality

Planet offers an unparalleled blend of integrated software, technology, and payment solutions tailored for hospitality, retail and unattended verticals. Their distinctive edge lies in our flexible, globally capable payment processing, acquiring, and Currency Conversion services (DCC), seamlessly integrated with both in-house and third-party Property Management Systems (PMS) like Oracle or Shiji to name a few.

This integration ensures a smooth, secure guest experience from booking to check-out, featuring online payments, pay-by-link, Android terminals, and card tokenisation, all under Planet’s umbrella.

The Arribatec and Planet teams together at ITB Berlin 2024.

Which benefits can hotels expect to gain from Planet’s solutions?

Hotels partnering with Planet can expect streamlined operations and an uplift in financial performance through direct integration with their PMS. This integration simplifies payment processes, requiring guests to provide their card details only once, enhancing both convenience and security.

“Our full suite of payment services, including acquiring, payment gateway, currency conversion, and various payment methods, provides the flexibility to meet guests’ unique needs, ensuring a superior service experience,” Leicht explains.

How does the partnership and collaboration with Arribatec enhance the value proposition for customers, and what synergies do you see between our two companies?

“The collaboration between Arribatec and Planet delivers a compelling value proposition to the hospitality sector. Arribatec’s modern, intuitive kiosk interfaces, both stand-alone and self-check-in, combined with Planet’s robust payment gateway and versatile PMS options, improve guest experiences, significantly reducing check-in times and operational complexities,” Leicht says.

“This synergy not only enhances guest satisfaction but also allows hotel staff to focus more on hospitality rather than transactional tasks,” he continues.

A frictionless service experience: Self-service kiosk from Arribatec Hospitality integrated with Planet payment.

Addressing hotel management challenges

Hotels face numerous operational challenges, notably inefficient check-ins and high staff turnover. Integrating Arribatec’s self-service kiosks and Planet’s payment solutions addresses these issues head-on, offering a smoother, faster check-in process and a single, unified payment system across various hotel platforms.

This automation reduces manual labour, minimises errors, and improves how staff and guests interact with one another, facilitating a more efficient and enjoyable stay.

Common clients: Cabinn recently installed six check-in kiosks at one of their hotels.

Looking forward, do you see any key trends and opportunities in the hospitality industry that Planet together with Arribatec can to help customers benefit from?

“The hospitality industry’s evolution is centred around enhancing guest experiences through technology. The alliance between Planet and Arribatec is at the forefront of this trend, offering frictionless service experiences and preparing for future technological advancements. Hotels need to be available where guests spend their time – on their phones, but without the hassle of downloading apps,” Leicht explains.

With Arribatec’s mobile check-in and Planet cutting edge e-commerce gateway seamlessly integrated with both PMS and booking engine – the hotels can provide their guests with a true omnichannel experience.

With a strong commitment to partnership and innovation, both companies are positioned to meet the changing needs of the hospitality market, ensuring hotels can offer unmatched guest experiences while maintaining operational efficiency.

Interested in exploring the joint value proposition of Arribatec and Planet further? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information: Get in touch here for a demo.

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