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Merchant Services
Prommt | Payment Requests from OPERA. Made Easy.
The ability to request and collect payments directly from OPERA is a game-changer for many hotels
Lorraine Fahy, Chief Marketing Officer, Prommt
IHF Associate Member

The ability to request and collect payments directly from OPERA is a game-changer for many hotels. A growing number of the world’s finest hotels and resorts are choosing Prommt to help them achieve this. Prommt integrates with Oracle OPERA V5 and Cloud (OHIP), enabling hotel staff to send a payment request for reservations, events and blocks directly from the PMS.

The request can be sent by email, SMS or via a paylink within a chat app. Prommt will automatically update the payment status in OPERA and staff will receive an email notification as soon as the payment is processed. All while delivering a frictionless, elegant payment journey to the payer.

Payment Requests from OPERA. Made Easy.


We make it easy, fast and secure. Our value:

  • Replace the need to take payments over the phone, and streamline the process by requesting payment directly from your PMS
  • Send an automated payment request for inbound OTA room bookings
  • Solve compliance headaches
  • Remove the need to view or store card data locally
  • Reduce chargebacks, card fraud, payment operations and time spent chasing payments
  • Extend the hotel's brand identity throughout the entire payment journey

Reduce fraud from OTA originated bookings

Prommt enables hotels to automatically send a payment request to guest bookings via OTAs, based on the agent and rate code, helping to reduce card fraud originating from OTA bookings. Again, Prommt makes it easy:

  • Guest makes a hotel room booking via an online travel agent site
  • The booking is automatically reserved in the hotel’s Oracle Opera PMS and assigned a rate and/or agent code associated with that OTA site
  • Prommt polls the Opera Reservations API, identifying any booking made against that code and automatically sends a payment request, requesting full or partial payment (again based on the hotel’s determined setting)
  • The PMS is updated once payment has been made and booking can be confirmed with the guest

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